Centered on "Home"

We promote the combination of different smart home services,
such as electric curtains, security surveillance systems, smart appliances and home care.


Smart Curtains

Automatic adjustments to the desired position of the curtain, creating a neat, elegant, and high-tech space. Our smart curtains provide better insulation to window spaces, helping you save energy and money.


Smart Home

Linking multiple systems and products in your home, smart home systems help with home care, theft deterrence, disaster prevention, and can save energy.


Motorized Curtains

By connecting smart home systems and automation devices, you can have privacy and protect yourself from the sun at the simple touch of a button.


Remote Control for Door Automation

Easy-to-install home support management systems, connected to electric doors, windows, curtains, lighting, and other related devices, you can easily turn your home into a smart home.