Fulllink is developing fast in our home market, and we already have some distributors in other countries. We are seeking additional reputable agents/distributors to extend our global reach and sales worldwide. We are looking for experienced people or companies who know their home markets well and will be able to effectively engage with medium and large sized customers.

For more information, please contact:


Please include the following information in your mail:
(1) Name
(2) Company Name
(3) Are you a manual curtain manufacturer, a system integrator, a motorized curtain distributor or a trading company?
(4) Do you have experiences in selling Motorized Curtains/Smart Curtains?

Prices are based on the quantity of motors in an order. Please contact our sales for more information: sales@smart-fulllink.com

We only provide our customers with motors, tracks, and accessories. Optionally, we can order the fabric for you and do the assembly in Taiwan.

Alternatively, we have overseas curtain fabric partners. If your location happens to be nearby theirs, they could help you with the fabric. For more information, please contact sales@smart-fulllink.com.

Fulllink's remotes are RF. They have a range of up to 30 meters (with a line of sight without any metal interference).

Absolutely! Group control can be achieved with ease by using our Multi-Channel remote.

Smart curtains that are compatible with Apple HomeKit systems are: 
(1) Smart Roller Shades / can be opened to any percentage between 0%-100%.
(2) Smart Drapes – Belt Driven/ can be opened to any percentage between 0%-100%.
(3) Smart Zebra Shades / can be opened to any percentage between 0%-100%.
(4) Smart Window Actuators / can be opened to any percentage between 0%-100%.

As for Google Home systems, all the smart curtains that Bintronic provides are compatible.
We have 2 kinds of Google Home control systems:
(1) standard type / can simply open, stop and close the curtain.
(2) 100 level type / can open and stop the curtain at any percentage between 0%-100%.