AI Voice Control System for Roller Shutters and Window Treatments

Easily customize your smart home assistant with Fulllink's powerful AI voice control window system. It excels in voice recognition, operates without internet dependency, and effortlessly manages garage doors, community gates, and motorized curtains.

Traditional smart home control systems often raise privacy concerns. Fulllink's AI voice control window system doesn't rely on cloud integration, prioritizing user privacy with 100% data security protection.

Easy Setup without the Need for Internet

Simple operation, suitable for users of all ages. No need to worry about network issues, no required connection to WIFI or Bluetooth.

High Recognition and Noise Resistance

Advanced AI voice sensor with integrated noise-resistant microphone algorithm. Powered by a high-performance processor, leading global voice recognition capabilities.

Stable and Reliable Offline Access

No need internet connection, protect data security and respond in 2 seconds.

Just plug in, Easy-to-Use

Compatible with various devices with USB-A.