Google Home Control Module (Percentage Type)

Fulllink Smart Control Curtain Modules

Regular motorized curtains rely on remote controls. Fulllink offers two major platform modules, Apple HomeKit and Google Home modules. These modules can be used with the Fulllink percentage-type curtain motors, providing a comfortable and convenient lifestyle!

Percentage Control Curtain Motors

What is a percentage control curtain motor? The Fulllink R&D team uses programming to precisely divide the curtain's movement into one hundred segments. No longer confined to fully open or closed, set the position from 0% to 100%, you can effortlessly adjust the curtain to your desired position!

Smart Control, Precise Positioning

Curtains can be controlled by smartphones, tablets or voice. With just a call to Google Assistant, you can easily control the curtains. The screen shows the exact position percentage of each curtain in real time, making it easy to track without getting overwhelmed by multiple curtains.

Google Home

Fulllink's certified smart curtain module seamlessly integrates with the Google Home system. Able to set up other compatible smart home products for “One-Touch Scenes” and “Scheduled Automation.”