Google Home/Apple HomeKit Zebra Blinds

2021 Taiwan Excellence Award Winner

*Compatible with Apple HomeKit and Google Home system*

Motorized Zebra Blinds, also known as Motorized Sheer Roller Shades, Motorized Zebra Curtains or Motorized Rainbow Curtains, are modern, elegant, and simple in design, occupying as little space as possible. The sleek design is made to be easy on the eyes. Experience the versatility of motorized zebra blinds


  • Energy efficient way to control light while preserving view.
  • Allow controllable amounts of light in while still enjoying privacy.
  • Curtain retracts into the head rail using a motorized roller shade.
  • Shade opening limits can be programmed using the remote control.
  • Blocks out UV rays but allows light to gently filter through.
  • Able to be integrated with Fulllink's home automation systems.
  • Can be integrated with many existing control systems. Compatible with Apple HomeKit and Google Home.
  • One touch can control individual or groups of blinds.
  • Designed to be reliable and safe. 24V DC transformer.