Google Home/Apple HomeKit Roller Blinds

2019 Taiwan Excellence Award Winner

*Compatible with Apple HomeKit and Google Home system*

Automatic Roller Blinds are made with strengthened fabric so they can roll up or down onto a tube without wear and tear. Motorized Roller Shades are a durable, long-lasting, and practical choice for most windows. Simplify your life with automatic roller blinds.


  • Elegantly and conveniently provide control over daylight.
  • Blinds are very versatile and can be used in most homes and offices.
  • Motors are smooth and quiet during operation.
  • Shade opening limits can be programmed using the remote control.
  • Blocks out UV rays while allowing light to gently filter through.
  • Able to be integrated with Fulllink's home automation systems.
  • Can be integrated with many existing control systems. Compatible with Apple HomeKit and Google Home.
  • One touch can control individual or groups of blinds.
  • Designed to be reliable and safe.
  • 24V DC transformer.