Google Home/Apple HomeKit Drapes - Belt Driven

2021 Taiwan Excellence Award Winner

*Compatible with Apple HomeKit & Google Home system*

Motorized HomeKit Drapes - Belt Driven offer great versatility. Suitably elegant for most interior decor settings without sacrificing functionality and ease of use. Our innovative curtain technology gives customers a reliable, affordable, and user-friendly experience. Suitable for both home and business environments. Experience the convenience of with our HomeKit drapes.


  • Durable belt for movement allowing quiet, smooth, and reliable operation.
  • Clutch function, to permit manual control over the curtains during power loss.
  • Japanese Dyneema strap and Japanese clutch.
  • Can open one-way or from the center. 
  • Simple connection, programming, and operation.
  • Motor can be oriented on either side of a window or space.
  • Integrated with Fulllink’s home automation systems.
  • Can be integrated with many existing control systems. Compatible with Apple HomeKit and Google Home.
  • Designed to be reliable and safe.
  • 24V DC transformer.