Bintronic Wins the 17th Annual Taiwan Golden Root Awards

Vice President Lai and the winners of the 17th Annual Taiwan Golden Root Awards. Jung-Fu Wu, Chairman of Bintronic, is the second from the right in the back row. (Photo courtesy of Bintronic)

          Bintronic has been developing its business in Taiwan for over 30 years and is the world's leading manufacturer of smart curtains. With cutting edge technology, we have created value in our innovative products. Recently, Bintronic won the 17th Annual Taiwan Golden Root Awards as one of the only two small-and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) among the five winning companies. After 30 years of hard work, we are happy that Bintronic’s innovation has been recognized.

        Bintronic is listed on the Go Incubation Board for Startup and Acceleration Firms (GISA) (stock code: 7541). Bintronic is headquartered in the Gangshan District, Kaohsiung City and sells products in domestic and international markets under the Bintronic brand. Operating its business in Taiwan for 30 years without setting up factories overseas, Bintronic has kept its entire operation and core technologies in Taiwan. All our employees are Taiwanese citizens and no foreign migrant workers are employed. More importantly, it has endeavored to fulfill its corporate social responsibilities.

Jung-Fu Wu (right), Chairman of Bintronic, receives the award from Vice President Lai Ching-te (left).

          Bintronic continuously works on enhancing our development of professional wireless control and radio frequency transmission systems and has developed a wide range of products, including door control systems, electric curtains, smart curtains, and smart home automation systems. Our company and its products have been recognized by many awards, including six Taiwan Excellence Awards, the Taiwan Small & Medium Enterprises Innovation Awards, the Kaohsiung Model Company Award, the Outstanding Member Award from the Kaohsiung Chamber of Industry, and the Quality Company in the Branding Taiwan Forward Program of the Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Bintronic has won the Taiwan Excellence Awards for three consecutive years from 2018 to 2020 and the 29th Taiwan Excellence Awards. Our three products; smart voice control curtains, smart vertical blinds and smart energy-saving sheer shades have all won the Taiwan Excellence Awards.

            In recent years, Bintronic has launched numerous smart and innovative products that have combined technologies, such as AI and data software, including a smart sun tracking system. Our smart curtains are compatible with the two major operating systems, Apple and Google as well as smart window openers. Bintronic has maintained a leading position in its industry and its products have been adopted by famous business hotels, such as the eslite hotel and Ample Villa. Our products can also be found in luxury residences, such as the Guo-Yen project in Kaohsiung, the Hong-Xi-Shan-Zhuang project in Daxi, Taoyuan and the Pu-Li-Hua-Yuanproject in Qingshui, Taichung. Bintronic is also popularly used for commercial buildings, such as the Farglory Group's building, Miramar Shopping Center, the Dream Mall in Kaohsiung and the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center. Our products are also used by well-known enterprises in Japan, Germany, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other regions. Our customers have given very positive reviews about Bintronic’s series of products. Bintronic is currently seeking agents and distributors for our products around the globe.

        Our smart sun tracking system, perfectly suited for commercial spaces, is combined with a GPS system to locate the longitude and latitude to calculate the horizontal position and the height of the sun. The curtains can be adjusted to the appropriate position automatically depending on the intensity of the sunlight. The smart control system can slightly adjust curtains depending on the intensity of natural light and using the user programmed needs for light and privacy. Our curtains help energy conservation and carbon reduction. Bintronic’s products consume roughly one eighth the energy of similar products made by our competitors.

        Bintronic is one of the few brands in the world that has mass produced smart curtains for smart home market, and its smart curtains are also one of the few in the world that can connect with both Apple HomeKit and Google Home directly without the need to go through a third-party host or cloud. This allows our curtains to respond to instructions immediately (within one second), under normal network conditions without delay or disconnection issues.

        Bintronic’s smart window actuators can detect air quality, temperature, and humidity, automatically adjusting the window’s opening position compensate for environmental conditions. Our smart window actuators' home safety and air quality and have won the government’s coveted ICT subsidy, and the Taiwan Excellence Awards.

         Jung-Fu Wu, President of Bintronic, stated that Bintronic aims to become the most trusted brand in the smart lifestyle field for consumers in the era of the Internet of Things. Looking ahead, Bintronic will continue to invest in innovation and the development of smart products with low energy consumption as our top priority. Bintronic strives to expand its international market to let Bintronic’s product lines to shine in the global market, thereby winning glory for Taiwan.

Source: (By Chuan-Hsing Huang)